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Visit our amazing showroom on the Castleham Industrial Estate. Offerfair Business Park. 12-14 Maunsell Road, TN38 9NN.


We're located in the same building as HKA Kickboxing. It's a little a little tricky to find first time around as we're set back a little bit in the building. Please watch the video on how to enter the building and locate us or if you prefer give us a call when you're outside on 01424 436131 we'll come and let you in. Alternatively, if you have been in our showroom before and know your way, you're more than welcome to pop in anytime we're open.

Our showroom has a wide variety of partyware and balloons to suit all occasions. A helpful member of staff will be more than happy to show you balloon designs and colours for your next big celebration. 

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