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G&G Balloons care deeply about the environment and have made every effort to reduce our impact upon it. Over the years we've taken action to make our company the most environmentally friendly it can be. These steps have included the refusal to sell balloons for release, whilst also trying to educate our customers on green solutions. All the latex balloons we use are 100% biodegradable and we recommend the correct disposal of all balloons. We have joined communities within the balloon industry to share ideas on how we can find even more environmentally friendly solutions, and when we find them, we will take every step to ensure we become even greener!



G&G Balloons are proud members of PEBA - the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. 


PEBA is driving environmentally responsible change and is committed to reducing balloon litter

and any potential effects on wildlife by eliminating the deliberate release of balloons.

Don't release balloons


As balloon professionals we want to do our utmost to help and protect our environment, so therefore we do not sell balloons for release. 

We understand it can be a hard and emotional time for our customers who wish to release balloons in memory of loved ones and we will help in anyway we can to come up with an alternative solution.

Let's work together and help protect our planet.


Rubber latex balloons are made from Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), which is collected from the Hevea Brasiliensis Pará rubber trees that are grown in certain areas of the tropics and is fully sustainable.

A rubber balloon begins to decompose from the moment it is manufactured and in contact with the natural elements. Decomposition is rapidly accelerated when the balloon is inflated and exposed to sunlight and oxygen.

This process of decay causes the balloon to oxidise. Oxidation begins within approximately one hour of inflation and is visible in some types of balloon as a cloudy or misty appearance.

In the same way that the wood from a tree will rot, a latex balloon is made from the sap of the tree, and will disintegrate in the same way.

Recent biodegradability tests have confirmed that natural rubber balloons biodegrade to approximately 90% within 2 years, under test conditions.


All balloons, as with any other product, must be disposed of responsibly.

Whilst latex balloons are biodegradable, they must still be disposed of with household or commercial waste until such a time that local authorities can provide suitable

composting facilities.

We always advise our clients to follow the 'Don't let go, Pin it & Bin it' message.

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